Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



  1. Both contestants and voters will be rewarded in this contest.
  3. 1st Prize : $3,000 + 1 set of Premium Hair Products (worth $115) + 1 set of Wellness Service Vouchers (worth $1,698)
  4. 2nd Prize : $2,000 + 1 set of Premium Hair Products (worth $115) + 1 set of Wellness Service Vouchers (worth $1,589)
  5. 3rd Prize : $1,000 + 1 set of Premium Hair Products (worth $115) + 1 set of Wellness Service Vouchers (worth $1,448)
  6. 30 Consolation Prize for Overall Finalists: $300 Jean Yip Hairdressing Service Voucher + 1 set of Wellness Service Vouchers (worth $1,460)
  7. VOTERS:
  8. All voters stand a chance to win a $50 Jean Yip Hairdressing Service Voucher. Total of 3 winners a week. Winners will be notified by email / mobile.
  9. 1. When does the contest commence and when does it end?
  10. The contest registration opens in September 2016 till 31st January 2017.
  11. 2. What the contest is about?
  12. This is a photo voting contest organized by Jean Yip Hairdressing.
  1. 1. Who can enter the contest? Who is eligible to participate the contest?
  2. All female residents in Singapore aged 18 years old and above. Participants must hold one of the following valid identity cards – Singapore NRIC, Singapore PR, Singapore Dependant Pass or Singapore Work Permit.
  3. 2. How to enter the contest?
  4. You may enter the contest by taking the following steps:
    1. You must have patronized Jean Yip Salon Pte Ltd and had your hair treated with "Maxiphlex Treatments"
    2. Snap three (3) photographs of your hair (before Maxiphlex) and three (3) photogpraphs (after Maxiphlex) against a white background or designated photobooth at Jean Yip Hairdressing outlets.
    3. The camera should be placed 300 – 350mm from you, without any zoom
    4. You should take three (3) angles: front view, side view, and back view (From crown of head to chest/elbow line)

      Front View

      Side View

      Back View
    5. Logon and click Join Contest
    6. Fill in all fields and you will receive email verification for the registration
    7. Upon email verification, your submitted photos will be available on the contest page for vote
  5. 3. I’m unable to attach photos online for the contest.
  6. If you’re unable to submit your photos online, you can submit to
  7. 4. For how long must I maintain my hairstyle in order to qualify as finalists in the contest?
  8. You must maintain your hairstyle throughout the duration of the competition unless agreed upon in writing by the organizers.
  9. 5. How does a contestant qualify as a finalist?
  10. The contestants will be selected by popular vote carried out by the general public and a panel of Judges appointed by Jean Yip Salon Pte Ltd. The selection of the finalists and the winner will be decided by the Panel of Judges and their decision is final.
  11. 6. How do I know if I am one of the finalists?
  12. You will be informed via e-mail, SMS or both by Jean Yip staffs.
  13. 7. Is there any makeover if I am a finalist?
  14. Yes, Jean Yip Salon Pte Ltd will provide a FOC makeover for photography for the contest.
  1. 1. How do I vote for a contestant?
  2. Any individual with a valid e-mail address and valid HP number can vote for a contestant. You can make only one vote for as many contestants as you wish. You cannot vote for the same contestant more than once.
  3. 2. Where do I cast my vote?
  4. Login to Click here, click vote and cast your vote.
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